and ummm... How do I use it?

So you have the camera... Now it's time to learn that baby inside and out!!! I still don't have this part yet, (the inside and out that is)... But I'm working on it!! 
As a professional you want to make the switch to manual mode and this can be so scary. When I was doing practice shoots I would start manual and than freak that I had my setting wrong and switch back to auto all the time. And that's OK... little by little I'm getting it.  
Make sure you ALWAYS have you camera manuel with you!! Way to often I'm referring to that little gem to figure something out. Lots of people say to read your manuel, and i tried several time!! But all of a sudden I'd be in a daze and wondered what happened? If you are one of those people who can, definitely do it, if you're like me, skim and highlight... Find what you sort of already get and read about that. I sat down to read it and found that it was pretty much in Chinese because I didn't know basic terms. Now that I'm learning those, it's a lot easier to absorb what I'm reading. 

Here is the absolute best thing I've found online for basic learning on working your way up to shooting in M. Is 12 weeks to better photography, I think it really helps on  transitioning over to Manual. BTW- this is a great resource for everything, create a profile (it's free) and take advantage, I asked 3 questions on the photography forum yesterday, and got answers all 3 times! It's called Two Peas in a Bucket Photography.

More Links:

Also go to the library! Use that nifty little card and open yourself up to a world of really smart people who know what they are talking about, for free! I LOVE free! I check out book after book on every aspect of photography I can find. Try looking for anything Scott Kelby.
Last - take a class! This is something I could really kick myself for not doing sooner. I just spent the last 3 years in Hawaii while my husband finished undergrad at BYU-H. I could have taken photography classes to my hearts content. But didn't really figure out that this is what I wanted to do until the last term (in fact my camera was a gift from my awesome hubby as a thank you for getting me through school thing).  I have a community college right by my house, but with 3 kids I can't really pay for child watch to pay and take a class. If you can swing it, do it. 

Number one rule, the more you learn the better you are so never stop trying to learn! 

Now.. go out and practice, practice, practice and than go and do it some more! 

As always, if you have great resources that you've found, please link for us in your comment!


  1. I just came across your blog and I am IN LOVE. Thank you for all the awesome tips I could spend days on your blog reading everything. I am a wannabe and just trying to figure out my way around my camera but am so overwhelmed with how to start! I'll definately bookmark your blog and keep checking back. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the link to my article on composition tips! I really appreciate it! You've got a great blog here!

  3. Good post. I find books very useful indeed, and I started back with a 35mm photographers handbook, late 80's, I even have some from the 50's. Nice to see other people's ideas and work, and even the old film books have good techniques still useful today.

  4. Same boat as you about the classes! I have always loved photograpghy but it wasn't until I started getting asked how much I charged that I realised I wasn't all that bad at taking pictures and my intrest and passion grew more and more and more. I now have 3 kids and would do anything to be in a class but like you childcare costs are a bit much.