Hi. I'm Leah

I am like many, trying to start a photography business. I LOVE IT, I love people, I love pictures, I love people watching, I even love the business side of it. It's a perfect fit for me! I also have some background in business. Before I had my first daughter and got to become a SAHM, I ran the business operations of my dad's company with him. We were a small business, so I was HR, Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, Book Keeper, Designer among a few more titles. I have found that this knowledge base has been very useful with starting my photography business in many ways... But in others not so much. After all boats and photography don't exactly go hand in hand. 

So many things I learned by spending countless (and I mean countless) hours in front of my Mac trying to find the info... Here's the thing though... Much of what I found I stumbled on, I didn't even know to look for it and I kept thinking (wow I could have almost missed that) other things I learned from my mentor/friend Heather Ward but what if you don't have a mentor? How do YOU get the info?

I'm creating this blog as a resource for ideas, technique, awesome web sites, the business side of things, a little bit of it all. Follow me as I go through my journey, learn a few things and take away from it what you will. 

I hope my little blog helps another aspiring photographer!


BTW:  The picture of me was taken by the amazing Mark Holladay Lee in Hawaii


  1. You are a God send! A true answer to a prayer! I can't wait to go through each and every one of your blog posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this blog and teach me. Thanks so very much!!
    Erin D.

  2. I know this is late, but thank you. I had a friend link me to your giveaway you have going on and after reading the first post before that, I was hooked. I just have to go through all of the archives. Thank you. You are so lucky to have a great mentor! I cannot wait to learn all that I can.

  3. I just read every single post from your blog this evening, and I wanted to say thank you!!!! You are an inspiration, and all the work you have put into this blog is so very much appreciated.

  4. Hi Leah! I'm starting at Post 1 today! :) I'm at the beginning of my journey to becoming a pro photographer and want to thank you in advance for all of your time, effort and expertise and for sharing it with us just starting out!