Photography Forms & Contracts

I just found a really cool resource that I'm super excited to tell you about. I have been trying (key word) to get my contracts all figured out. I've posted on a couple of forums to find out what others were doing for welcome packets, contracts, etc. but didn't get any feedback except other photographers saying they'd love to know what I find out/come up with. Well once again... I was looking at some favorite blogs and stumbled across a new one... Photographic Foundations.
SOOOOO, For the sake of my readers... he he he, I felt I just had to get it and let you know if you should too. :) So here are my thoughts...

First: She really does cover all the bases! There are 44 documents in the file and they include:

Client Information Form
Skye's "How to Take Better Pictures of Your Children" Workshop Outline/Notes
Skye's Vendor Resource List
Portrait Agreement for Portfolio Building Photographers
Senior Info Forms - Parents & Students Version w/ Tips
Reproduction Release Form - Holiday Cards
Reproduction Release Form - General
Reproduction Release Form - Wedding (All digital files)
How to Add Your Logo/Design Forms in Photoshop w/ Sample
Marketing Planner
Client Communications Form
Client To Do List
Wedding Contract
Baby Plan
Maternity Newborn Session Combo Contract
Client Telephone Help Sheet
Newborn Info Form - Studio Version
Newborn Info Form - On Location Version
Baby & Child Info Form - Studio Version
Baby & Child Info Form - On Location Version
Maternity Info Form - Studio & On Location Version
The Prints & Product Information Sheet
The Welcome Letter
Portrait Agreement with Model Release
Model Release Form
Business Policies Form
Family Session Info Form
Copyright Info Form
Display Proposal
Skye's Tips for a Successful Display Proposal Slideshow
Display Permission Contract
Basic Client Survey
Basic Order & Invoice Form
Detailed Order & Invoice Form
General Clothing Suggestions Form
Delivery Receipt Form

Go to her website under The Forms and scroll down to get a better overview of each form. OK - so you get a lot. Now you probably (at least I wouldn't) just open the file, press print and hand it out to your next client, not to mention "YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE" may look slightly unprofessional. *wink* But these are way more than just a starting point! Next you can start thinking branding (which just makes me gleeful thinking about... I'll get into that in a whole different post very soon - it's in the works).
If you have all of your contracts and forms already AND your happy with them, then I would say these may not be for you - but then again they just mite. I already had several of the forms she included (contract, welcome letter, release, client info form) but just seeing her wording and realizing things that had been forgotten on my end has been great!

If you are starting up and don't have any of this stuff - this is IDEAL for you! Don't under estimate the need for contracts (even among your friends) just make the habit to give EVERYONE a contract and especially a RELEASE FORM so that you can use their pictures for marketing, blog, etc.
Ok - so you get a TON of forms for newborn, family, delivery, wedding, commercial, etc. But you also get some really cool other stuff thats just for YOU. Like her tips for Display proposals. This really interests me because it something I want to pursue but wasn't entirely sure how, her form starts...

"This form is unlike the other forms you’ve purchased, because this form is for you, the photographer. Disclosed in this form are my personal tips on presenting the best possible display proposal and portfolio slideshow to your local...."

Here is my final thought, over and over as I read the contracts, forms, outlines it got my brain moving in a new direction that I hadn't thought of before and that my friends is what Building the Bus is ALL about! So go explore her site and see if it might be just right for you too.

And because posts are better with pictures... All Images are from her (sky Hardwick's of Photographic Foundations) dvd blog.


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