Animoto Promotion Code

I have mentioned them before but I wanted to share this ANIMOTO VIDEO with you. Animoto is a great little way to add another element to your photography. It has been AWESOME for Seniors, newborns and events (such as a wedding or this reunion.) If you are thinking about ordering the commercial version of Animoto you can use, the promotion code: XORDQHIK and get one free month added to your year membership and give an addition month to my account too (hey thanks for doing that ;).

Here are a few things I'm really excited to use Animoto for...

* Once I launch my Senior side it will open with an Animoto video to give a hip (that word makes me feel old) edgy feel!
* For wedding/Events I can add it into the package to make it FEEL like a better value for the client.
* Using the videos as a monthly promotion, for example - all session scheduled in August get a FREE DVD slide show. (never underestimate the power of the word FREE!)
* If a client has a blog, I can give them an imbedding code to put it on their blog (when they purchase the DVD) and as you will see at the end of the DVD it will than offer a link to take people directly to my site. Great marketing tool!!!



  1. your 'promo' code is actually a referral code and there's no place to put it when you sign up for a subscription. won't work for me. ????

  2. i don't see this jack johnson song as a selection in the animoto music choices. i have the basic subscription right now. do the choices change when you get the pro account? most of the choices i have are by unfamous artists....