Vibrant Water or Sky Tutorial

Have you ever had that image? When you were there (in real life) the water was incredible... or the sky was so blue but when you got home and uploaded the image it just didn't look the same. For whatever reason it just doesn't look the same. Well here is a simple tutorial to bring back the vibrance in your photos! Here is a tutorial from Jodi of MCP Actions.


  1. I spent as much time yesterday watching the Marketing webcasts. I went right up to the very last minute, listening and taking notes. It was so inspiring! i got so many great ideas. Thank you for sharing that information with us!

  2. I am in love with this tutorial!! What a fantastic, easy transformation. I never have given such a simple thought to a solid color overlay to change the appearance of the water. What a genius thing! And I am totally intrigued about the Touch of Light, Touch of Darkness thing. Is that an action available for download or is there a separate tutorial on how to do that?

  3. Never mind, I clicked on the link and found the place to download the touch of light, touch of darkness. I already tried it out on one photographs of my daughter. It works perfectly!

    Thanks so much for sharing this...well, and all your ideas for that matter. I am really enjoying your wisdom!