1 Shot - 3 Way (contributed by z-pics)

I talk all the time about how much I love my NAPCP membership, I feel like we are a really tight little group. These woman KNOW things and I go to them all the time when I'm stumped. So it was really fun to have Erin of z-pics, who is a regular problem solver on the forums submit this image for the 1 Shot - 3 ways. What a sweet little angel Erin gave us to work with!!

Here is the SOOC.

And now for the 3 amigo's renditions...

Last of all - as requested - a side by side.

If you would like to submit an image for edit,please send your sooc image via
email to Go{4}Pro with the subject 1 Shot - 3 Ways.


  1. I don't like any of that bad to say? They look so far off of normal. I'm really not trying to offend! But any feedback is good feedback, right?

  2. But isn't that the beauty of it! We each have and must find our own style. I have seen very successful photographer who's works does nothing for me personally. But obviously it does something for a lot of others. I love that we each can hold a camera and be completely unique it what we allow it to capture! the purpose of this exercise is exactly that but with processing. Three people can be given the exact same image create and yet create something very different and totally there own with it!

    And remember - neither Carrie, Noelle nor I are experts at photoshop. We just love to play & share!

  3. And since I am making comments today...

    I wasn't trying to offend with my previous comment. I think I was trying to "teach" or "show" or "explain" (I have no idea which one to choose) that sometimes I think many of us can get carried away in editing. We have so many tricks, and there is so much we can do in Photoshop. That sometimes I think some of us may need to step back and check ourselves and say, "Is this really what I was trying to create?" I think there are times when editing can take away from an image, not just add to one.

    I hope that makes more sense. And doesn't just sound like a criticism.

  4. I totally agree with Kalli on this one. Sorry, but I really don't like the 1 shot 3 ways posts. :( They always look so awkward to me. But...I totally give you props for effort!

  5. Jess, You are 100% entitled to your opinion. You know what. I kinda of agree and thats why you haven't seen one in a while. I like Carrie's edit I think hers is really "normal" looking but I already see a bunch of things I would do different on my own version. It's really amazing because when you are still on the new side of things every 6 months or even one month you will look back and be like "eeek! I wouldn't do that again!" And thank goodness for that, right?! :)