Animoto, now with video + ANIMOTO COUPON CODE

I've talked about Animoto. I have the year membership and I LOVE it! It is so easy to impress clients and future clients with these little beauties. And now that they offer video clips with in the slideshows, they have gone up about 10 notches!!

I know allot of you have it and maybe a few are thinking about it. I wanted to show you some awesome ways I use it and hows it's helped me get and keep my clients!

Animoto recently added the video capabilities and that has just been awesome, especially for all the Mark II owners! I took the videos clips from this Animoto Vid with my iPhone and it still turned out pretty good. I always start my video with a slide that has my name and logo nice and big. This is important as I want them to share it on their blogs, facebook and any other media forms!! At the end of each show it also links them to my website!

Here is a coupon code for $5.00 off  an All Access Pass or 1 extra FREE MONTH of commercial access: xordqhik OR you can just click HERE!


  1. I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.



  2. Hi Leah - just wondering if you can shoot me an e-mail to me know how long this coupon code is good for? Thanks!

    Amy - asherimages ...at. gmail.com

  3. I did just shoot you an email Amy, but just in case... There is no expiration date as far as I know! :)

  4. Hiii! I just stumbled upon your blog and found the animoto code!! Thanks so much for partnering up with such a great company and sharing this code with everyone!!

  5. Hi, Leah I have been following your blog for a few months now. You do such an awesome job. I have been noticing these vidoes on some blogs. In your post you shot the vidoe part with your iphone. Would you mind sgaring the details of how to do this. I am guessing you shoot the vidoe during parts of the session, and then pic your images and send the info to Animoto, and they do the work. Is this correct or am I missing something. Thanks Michelle Barclay michelle@michellebarclayphotography.com

  6. Michelle, you are exactly right. While we were walking around I kept my phone in my pocket set to video mode and when I thought it might be a good moment, I would pull out out and take a short video (no more than 10 secs). When I upload to Animoto I put the images and video clips in the order that I want them to appear and choose music from their colection and click a button. And they create and do the rest.
    To get familiar with it signup for the free side of Animoto, it's not good to use professionally because you can only do 30 sec short vids and their logo is on it but to at least see what you think, do that!