Inspire Me Friday with Design

I positively love the idea of decorating with photography. I use to think it often looked tacky - but when done right, I've learned that it can make such a dramatic and fantastic addition to a home! Today, it's all about inspiring with Design!! Oooh- it gets me giddy just thinking about the possibilities. Here are just a few fabulous ideas to inspire you for your own home and your clients.
(each link is for above image)

image from Dragonfly

I actually had a client show me this image from PB and ask me to duplicate it - it's in process now.

image from Tara Whitney

Don't you just want to start designing up something fabulous right this minute? I do! Show me what you've created and add to the inspiration!! Email your design creations to Go{4}Pro and let us all enjoy your art!


  1. love these! especially the staircase one- very clever! thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I can't wait to have my walls graced with photography like that!

  3. This post is perfect! I have spent many of hours googling photo displays trying to spark ideas of beautiful ways to deck my walls with my photographs. I thought it would be a great business boost too. When people walk into my home and see the attractive photo displays, it just might lure them to become clients and do the same in their home.