Q&A Wednesday - 01/06/2010

I'm typing this from my lap top in Seattle so forgive me if this is short and sweet. It's been one crazy thing after another. I'm very happy to report that my neice is doing much better and should be comming home as early as tomorrow. I delivered her brothers safely back home and am now staying the night in the city with my sis before heading back to my end of the Northwest. So lets get to the questions...

1. What ground rules did you set in place for yourself in regards to family and buisness?
I'm still very much in process of setting those ground rules and would love to hear what others have implemented to help keep the balance. Balance. Thats something I'm going to be bringing up in future posts because it's definitly worth talking about over and over. But here are a few....
1. Deligate out some of the workload (i.e. got a house cleaner)
2. Less clients, more money
3. Set a schedule and stick to it. I'm now scheduleing when it's best for me, not them.
4. Date night with my hubby every Friday (period).
I'll elaborate more on this question tomorrow- but that's a start.

2. I want to and like to carry my camera with me everywhere. But I don't want to take a diaper bag, purse and camera bag all places. What do you do?
I baught a P&S. Seriously! I tried to carry everything nd it was rediculous, I just couldn't. I wasn't taking pictures of my own kids because by the time I got my camera out I'd lost one of my kids. ;) I also have huge hand bags! I love that big hand bags are so in - when I really want my camera with me, I for go the camera bad and just put in in my hand bag and the rest of the time I have teh point and shoot.

3. What course would you want plotted out? What questions would you ask yourself? What answers would you have? What would you have in order BEFORE calling yourself professional? (From this post)
Pretty much I woke up one day and decided to call myself a photographer. Doesn't really work that way and it doesn't take much to notice those calling themselves pro who shouldn't be. I'm now only starting to be at the level I want to be at and I'm restructuring everything all over - so basically I'm starting my buisness over again. I should have had a business plan in place (at least some kind of plan). Known what type of photographer and business I was wanting and waited till people were ASKING ME to take their pictures not be ASKING THEM!

4. What is Matt Clayton's Favorite Lens to use? 
"I only use/own one - a 28-135 mm"

Okay. Back to my family. See you tomorrow!

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  1. My comments on scheduling: My photo business is primarily a creative outlet for me. I have four children, one who is still toddling underfoot during the day. My hubby works pretty long days at work and he and I both carry sizable responsiblities realted to our church. Taking all of that into consideration, I see that now is not the time to go full speed ahead into a major business venture. I choose not to shoot on Sundays. So when do I take appointments? On two Saturdays per month. Fortunately, Saturdays work well for most families which is what I shoot most often. Generally I just have one appt on each of those Saturdays, but could squeeze in two if there was a need. I can arrange for the occasional shoot (like a newborn) on another day if needed. I realize that this is very little work in comparison to many "part-time" p hotographers. But through trial and error, I have found that it is actually just the right amount of work for me at this time in my life. I know that when I try to do more it becomes a burden instead of a joy. I also enjoy having the time to volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep for which calls are unpredictable, but so very worth making it happen.