1 Shot - 3 Way (contributed by Carrie)

The Original (SOOC)

The Edits

Side by Side - UP CLOSE
A quick thought:

Because this is just a fun exercise to show you how incredibly different an image can look when being handed to 3 different photogs, you may see a little more extreme results then we might normally do. For example; I tend to crop a little more heavily then I normally would for print because for this all I need is a web resolution file and I like cropping to fit my style and my style is up close and personal. However as a shooting rule, I always try to shoot with the end cropping result in mind. For my clients I only crop probably 25% of the images I edit. This is because I always want to keep the resolution as high as possible! 

If you would like to see what we come up with for one of your sooc's just email Go{4}Pro with the file and make sure the Subject line reads 1 Shot 3 Ways Submission so I can find it in my email box. 


  1. Haha! I'm glad you put that disclaimer. I was thinking, "Wait! That's not fair! Why can they crop that much?" Whew. We're good.

  2. They are all different for sure! I don't know that I would do the second one. It looks like your trying to make the picture look like you saved it from a fire! Just one opinion. I really like the other two though and the baby is very cute!!

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  4. SO I'm new to this, and I have the silly question of the day? Were they all created with photoshop? (which I'm trying to learn) As long as I can take a great/good picture, do I only need photoshop to make it look fabulous like all the examples?

    Thanks for any help! =)

  5. DODY! - No worries to silly questions. When I first got photoshop I had to watch a You Tube tutorial to figure out how to crop! The answer is yes. These are just examples of post processing in photoshop.

    Every photographer has their opinions on PS. For some it's a huge part of our style and what defines are work. Of course we always aim to take great images from the start. Here is an example of PS being a strong part of the look. see:

    For other, they use PS only mildly to sharpen and give images that little pop. see:

    And here is a recent photographer I found who offers a workshop on taking amazing images from the start. Wish I could go!! see:

    Hope that helps. If you link your name from your comment I will usually try to find your email so that I can give you an answer via email too.

  6. Thank you so much! ~Dody

  7. This is so fun to look at Leah! And I love that there is someone named "Disney Mom" that posted! That would be MY mother's name... she's a Disney addict. Ha!