1 Shot - 3 Way (contributed by Kalli Barker Photography)

Sorry this is coming to you late this morning. I dropped the girls off at preschool and when I came home my little man wanted eggs and I decided that he just couldn't wait. So we cooked our breakfast together (for 2, he's quite the helper) and sat down and enjoyed our organic - free range - omega 3 eggs, stone ground- 100% whole wheat toast and grapefruit together (my hubby studies nutrition). Now we have happy faces and full tummy's so thanks for waiting!

It's that time again to see how 3 photoshop enthusiasts (notice I did not say pro's - we just love PS) spin the same image. Thank you so much to Kalli Barker for contributing this image for the exercise. Such a great starting point! Awesome angle, great backdrop and adorable model, what more could we ask for! And thanks to Noelle and Carrie for playing my little game!


The Breakdown:

If you would like to contribute a sooc image for the 1 Shot - 3 ways exercise just email it to me with the subject line: 1 Shot - 3 Ways! 


  1. I love how different and fantastic each one turned out. I really need a photoshop class! It's such a good program going to waste on my hard drive because I don't use it. Let me rephrase... I don't know how to use it.

  2. I would have to agree that for how great Photoshop is supposed to be, it's not very user friendly. I would have to say there is a very steep learning curve at the beginning. It's like trying to get into the popular click in high school. Once you're in you are on top of the world (according to a high schooler), but getting there can be hell and back.

    And thanks for using my image! I feel so cool!

  3. I enjoy these 1 shot-3 way posts.

    I kind of use it as a little quiz for myself to find which one my eye is drawn to and study that one so I can understand more about what my photography style is.

  4. I love these posts too! I usually just do the basics - adjust clarity, contrast, color, crop. I might add an action and that's it. It's cool to see all these different steps and how different each is.

  5. I recently decided to spend a lot more time working on my photos and I love these posts with how you get the different results! It's fun to see what other people are doing and what other styles they can pull out of the same image. Love your blog! You gave me the kick in the pants to get my own going! I've been thinking about it for I don't know how long. It's high time I did something about it!