i NEED to win! Amy Wenzel Workshop

There is a giveaway going on at I heart faces, and seriously I just HAVE to win. Has there ever been anything like that for you? Something you wanted to win so badly because you truly believed it could change you? The last thing I can remember was in 7th grade. We were having a magazine drive at school, if you sold so many magazines you got a ticket that could be worth up to $50. I wanted to win it so badly because they would announce your name over a microphone at lunch. It wasn't the money, I just wanted to be noticed. I didn't want to have to eat my lunch in the bathroom anymore because that was the better alternative to sitting completely alone. I said a prayer and told God that I would tithe the entire $50 if he would just let me win. I won. I was only noticed for that one day but as promised that Sunday I tithed it all.

Amy wants to know how I inspire others. This (Go{4}Pro) is it. This all started because of a single image. I saw real life in it and I fell in love. I knew I wanted to capture life just like that image had. Looking back I think I felt such a connection because that image was/is a perfect example of how I try to live my life... genuine. I had no idea how or where to start except that I should probably by a camera. I often felt very alone. I would scour the internet for anything I could find that might help me but that often felt very unfruitful. When I did find something I was quite literally overjoyed (often getting up to dance and shriek with excitement - oh yes, I'm that cool). I knew I wasn't the only one chasing this dream, I hated feeling alone and so I started documenting my journey as I tried to go for pro. I remember laughing at myself for day dreaming that I could be the one to inspire someone else some day the way the greats inspire me.

Amy is THE GREAT for me! Her work, her style and her designs have always left me inspired (she is actually this Friday's inspire me - I've been waiting for this one a long time) but when David her incredible husband was diagnosed with cancer last year their faith only inspired me more. From my computer screen I cried for them, prayed for them and hoped for them as I followed their journey from both of their blogs.

Amy Wenzel is my very most favorite child photographer! If I could pick any workshop in the world it would be hers so you can understand why I want this so badly! Add to that the 'thats not all' and this is my dream on steroids! I'm determined to exceed all expectations for how far I can take my dream and with that vision would come the privilege of inspiring even more people. I know that by attending this workshop I would truly further my career light speeds faster then I could on my own, and you all know how I love an opportunity! 

Dear Amy,
Thank you for offering such an opportunity to one very lucky soul! I know you have a wonderful spirit about you and so I know who ever you choose will be truly deserving. I want you to know that you have inspired me deeply. Not only because of your art but because of your heart. Thank you!  ~Leah

This is the genuine me. I hope I've inspired you. 


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  2. I do own more than one yellow sweater! Swear!

  3. #1- I couldn't believe how well you could pull off a mustard yellow sweater.

    #2- You really, really deserve this. You go, girl.

  4. And just to add...Leah has done more for me to help me in reaching my goals than anyone else. She doesn't even know me, and I feel like she has taken me under her wing (as she has with dozens of others, I am sure). The time and energy she invests into helping other photographers is unparamounted. I promise. She deserves this. A lot. She is one that doesn't take anything for granted, and this is nothing different.

  5. i 110% agree with Kalli. To create and run a blog for the sole purpose of helping others is an incredible feat. Add to that being a photographer, maintaining her own photo blog, sending out monthly newsletters to her clients, answering my 50 silly emails she inevitably gets each month - along with those from others I'm certain (inhale exhale inhale exhale...) AND the fact that she is a loving wife and beautiful mother of three little ones. She deserves this. She inspires me daily, and though we have never met, as Kalli said, she has taken me under her wing without hesitation and without question. She is a genuine gem. I cannot think of someone who deserves this more. And Amy if you are reading this, know that Leah would not be the only one to benefit from your workshop. She is incredibly generous and shares all she finds, uses, and is with the rest of us who are trying to figure out how to make it. Pick Leah, you won't have any regrets.

    And Leah, you never should have had to sit in the bathroom alone. Everyone of those people missed out on so much sunshine by not getting to know you. You can sit at my table anytime, and we can play together at recess okay?

  6. Ha, I was going to enter that contest too, but I know I won't win :( Going to one of Amy's workshops is a personal goal for me!
    Leah, thank you so much for your site, I love it!!!

    Have you ever thought about modeling?!

  7. I don't know anybody who deserves this more than Leah! As I've been starting my photography business there hasn't been anyone more supportive, save my hubby, than Leah. Whenever I was having a down day she would talk me through it and give me the confidence I needed to keep going. Leah is an amazing wife, mother, friend and photographer that inspires all who meet her. If you really want somebody who truly inspires people, Leah is your gal!

  8. Yellow top goes with the yellow camera strap ;-)
    This is a great blog, love hearing your thoughts. Leah you have a good eye and a determination to succeed, but more than that, you have a love for photography, that's a great thing to see.

    A very talented man once said "this is your time to shine, and we will all be there with you"

  9. Thank you so much ladies! I read thes while sitting in the doctors office for my son and totally started to cry! I find a lot of my excitement and personal inspiration comes by way of this blog and from helping and talking with you guys! So the inspiration is a two way street!

    Janders... No most definitely not, modeling is not in this future. Ha! I'm much more comfortable behind the lens. It is fun to play every once in a while as long as I have control of the images... let's just say out takes of me are very.... ANIMATED!

    Barry- Thanks for noticing... Ummm yes, it's a bit of an obsession. I've taken branding to a whole new level! ;) A couple months ago my sister asked, 'You know yellow looks terrible on you right?' Yup! I don't care, I love it!! It's my company color and I'm gonna represent!

  10. I think yellow is sensational on you!! And you are definitely gorgeous enough to be a model!

  11. Good luck, Leah!
    I saw the link via Amy's site and couldn't agree more with your words.
    You have a lovely heart and what you are doing with this blog is wonderful! I hope you win a seat!

  12. About the yellow sweater... I love it. Where did you get it? (if you don't mind my asking :))