Easter Fun Homework!

We all know what this Sunday is... and if you don't I'll give you a hint: It's EASTER!  I know I'm not going to be the only one focusing on dyed egg shells, kids hunting for eggs, and snow outside dampening our spirits.  It snowed about a good foot last night and if you can't tell, I'm ready to pull my hair out about it!  So shoot away and send us your homework assignment: Easter Fun, and we'll post the pictures on MONDAY on Go{4}Pro or you can post your photo on our Flickr Group.  Happy Easter!!

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send your picture via EMAIL with the subject line: EASTER FUN (Leah gets a lot of emails so it will be lost with out proper subject line)
Include ONE favorite watermarked Easter image with your name and website/blog to link your name and Easter image to.

We will have a guest judge and a fun little prize for the winner!


  1. I just found this blog, how fun! Can't wait to keep reading!

  2. Noelle,

    Bright Easter eggs in the snow! How nice would that look?! Oh, if you could bundle up your kids in cuttie sweaters and pose/do an egg hunt in the snow that would look so awesome and be so memorable for your kids.

    While you might be doing that we will be hunting in sandles because of our freakish (for VA) week of heat. Fun either way!