How to Batch Process in Photoshop

Sometimes batch processing can be very useful! For example, today I needed to covert about a dozen images to black and white using the same action (it was soft & silky from Lolly's Playground - Ultimate Black & White). Here is how I batch processed my images using CS4.

1. First thing to know. You have to create a folder with only the images you want affected by the batch. I wanted to run a batch B&W action on a dozen images, so I created a new folder on my desktop and dragged those 12 images into my new folder. 

2. Now go into Photoshop... Go to FILE ----> AUTOMATE ---> BATCH... 
and a menu box will appear! 

3. Time to tell it what to do! In my case I wanted it to run out of my Favorite B&W file with in my actions palate, from there I wanted to run Lollys Soft & Silky (top left arrow). Now I need to choose the source. I already created the folder (named Batch BW) on my desk top so it was easy to find for me! Select the folder... 

4. It can take a while to process all the images, so now I highly suggest stepping away from the computer and making yourself a treat cause you did it! When I get back with my chocolate milkshake, I know I'll have a dozen beautiful B&W's! Did you know it could be that easy?

So when might you use batch processing? Watermarking, Converting to B&W, Resizing for Web, Base Sharpening and minor color adjustments. What have you used Batch Processing for? I actually very very rarely use batch processing, I just prefer to work on each image individually, and I sort of forget about it - however every once in a while it comes in very handy!


  1. One of my favorite things I have learned how to do is how to batch process straight out of bridge. It saves having to save images in a separate folder and it is so easy. All you do is open up bridge, select the images you want to batch (they can even be part of a "collection" and therefore from several different folders, which is so nice), select "tools", then "photoshop" and then "batch". Photoshop CS4 will open and you'll see the standard batch dialogue. You'll notice the source is bridge. Then you can just identify which action you want to run and it's done. I actually batch EVERYTHING. I wrote an action that does all my standard edits ~ bumping up color, sharpening, and even saving in a certain location (I change that part of the action depending on what I'm editing). That way I quickly get through the basic edits. For many pictures that's all I need to do, because I do so much work in Camera Raw. For those that I want to fine tune, or change to b&w, or do something special, I open back up and make those types of edits. In my opinion, batching is the way to go. Saves so much time. Last night I batched 225 images from several different shoots ... all while I slept last night. Love getting through post processing that way!

  2. What great information...I always wanted to know how to do batch processing. Plus Heidi's comments is so helpful too. Can you do this in Lightroom2 too?

  3. Thanks for the post. Very helpful. I've done it several times but had a couple of questions. Do you leave your actions in layers so you can tweak them if you need to or do you save as part of your action?

    Also great input from Heidi I do sometimes work in bridge and find it helpful. I've never batched from there but would love to try.Do you suggest any tutorials :)

  4. Oh...this could be my favorite new thing...

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! just made my life a whole lot simpler!!!!

  6. Oh thank you! I did a bunch of Senior Pictures the other day and this would have been so helpful! I will have to try it out! Thanks!

  7. I've tried batch processing myself, but I also have a question. I had to sit there and hit the enter button through every 'save' process. ??? Didn't end up saving me time. So am I missing something? How can I just walk away and let it do all the work? Thanks for the info. It's nice to have a reference place.

    Thanks, Heidi. Great info on Bridge.

  8. Just wondering if you ever do some posts on Lightroom. That's what I try to use solely and it makes the work flow very efficient! I would love to hear what you think.

  9. I use it when saving images, I can save a PSD, JPG and a low res file for blogging all at once! :) just run 'em through! LOVE it!