Technical Technicalities - Adobe Photoshop CS5

I {heart} Photoshop! I currently use CS4 and I definitely love it! I've heard it said that you shouldn't take a picture with, 'I'll fix it in Photoshop' going through your head. And I completely agree on a technical standpoint!! So yes, you need to be shooting at as perfect exposure / sharpness as possible but on a creative level, I shoot with the idea of how I'm going to use "or fix it" in Photoshop (to enhance the image) all the time!
Here is an example... I shot this image for a wedding last weekend. I knew the outcome I wanted but with the current surrounding it just wasn't possible. I obviously would not be asking the gentleman behind them to move nor could I change the fact that we are in fact in the middle of the city. But in my mind, I saw what I wanted, an image that showed them completely into each other with lines and shading that would lead the viewers eye directly to the couple and then follow the perimeter of the image and finally bring the eye back to the couple. And thanks to the magic of 
Photoshop, I knew that was very doable!

Okay, on to CS5...
So we've established that I'm a HUGE fan of 
Photoshop! My personal photography style wouldn't be possible without it. Now with the CS5 upgrade around the corner it's time to contemplate the switch up...

Rumors are flying about the release date for Adobe CS5.  Based on the Adobe store website, I'm seeing a tentative ship date for English language versions of mid-May 2010.  If you're thinking that CS4 was only just released, well it makes sense. Adobe Creative Suite has an 18 month release cycle, so you may be just feeling like you got the hang of CS4 and now you have to worry about a 5.

, you can do some research before you choose to upgrade or not via the Adobe Upgrade Information Page and of course you will (not available yet) be able to take CS5 for a trial spin as well. I'll let you know via twitter when the CS5 trials are available. Last, there is a great article by ProDesignTools.com on their top reasons you might want to upgrade.

This is a little video Adobe put out to show one of the new capabilities that CS5 will have. Looks pretty dang awesome! 

More Sneak Peak Videos:
www.crenk.com (5.23 minutes)
wwww.cs5launch.adobe.com (61.49 minutes)

And then there is also the controversy between Adobe and Apple right now... Geesh there are a lot of technical technicalities at the moment! All I can say is, I love Adobe (you gave me Photoshop) and I also love Apple. That perfect branding, marketing strategy, customer reactions approach, plus I love my iMac, iPhone, Macbook and so much more. So for creative souls everywhere who need Apple and Adobe, can't we please just get along... For the children?!



  1. Aaron and I watched the live launch yesterday and then pre-ordered. We're looking forward to CS5. I love checking go4pro for your extra input, thanks Leah!

  2. That video is AMAZING!! I wasn't sure about upgrading, now I can't imagine not doing it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Photoshop is so amazing when used properly!

  4. ha ha ha "for the children" I love it Leah!