Inspire Me Interview #19} Sarah Petty - Audio

You will have to forgive me as you listen to me through out the interview, this was a last minute idea that we decided to do while we were already talking on the phone so if I sound unprepared and really really dorky - I am!! I actually felt so embarrassed that I let the thought cross my mind to not share it but of course I couldn't justify having you all miss out on the cool and calm Sarah Petty!

Despite me, I hope you'll enjoy this third installment of Sarah Petty's Inspire Me Interview!


  1. Hi! I tried listening to it, but it says the video is private. Is there another way for me to listen to it? Many thanks!!!
    And since I'm here I want to thank you for this wonderful blog! I realized that I love photography this last summer and I am taking a course. But in between lessons I can't wait to keep on learning so I turned to the web. I found your blog while surfing the internet two weeks ago and I have been reading it since then. I love it! And even though I am not even considering making a living out of photography, I really find your posts very very interesting! So thank you!!!
    Greetings from Argentina!

  2. I'm seconding that I can't play as it says that its a private video....

  3. yeah, I can't watch it either, says it's private :(
    I hope you can still share it soon! thanks!

  4. Well, I was really tempted to not fix it just to save myself embarrassment... But here you go - all fixed and no longer private! Enjoy.

  5. You are too cute. :p And what a great interview!

  6. Thank you! I really like it! You sound great!

  7. Oh! I wanted to hear about her first speaking engagement! Where did that go? (The rest was great, though!)

  8. Thank you so much for setting up this interview. I am a Cafe Joy member, and I also have become quite the GO{4}PRO addict. I just graduated from college with a communication degree, and I had a very successful internship with the 2nd largest sporting venue in the country. No one is even acknowledging my applications or resumes, and I decided that I should take things into my own hands and market the the very valuable graphic, web, and photography skills I have. You have brought me to the next level at a very timely place where I have not launched my website or printed my business cards. I have instead branded myself properly, so that it works from the get go.

    Blessings to you for being such an inspirational resource. I would truly feel lost without hearing the affirming encouragement from both of you.