One Light Studio Setup - Video

I know that most of you are natural light photographers and don't get me wrong, so am I but I also think it's important that we still understand studio lighting as well. Sometimes I get the feeling that some photographers are trying to claim this whole idea that studio lighting in the equivalent of socks in the bra and they are just blessed to be all natural when in reality they just have no idea how to stuff their bra properly. Well, for all you flatty's (I can say that because I've been referred to as mosquito bitten, flat-as-a-board, and a member of the I.B.T.C. ) who want to learn the correct stuffing techniques, here is a video for a simple one lighting set-up. 

Here is a link directly to You Tube in case you are having trouble viewing this.


  1. Thank You! Yes...I am a "natural light" gal because I like the look the best but also because I have no studio and if I did I'm completely intimidated by lighting~ I need to venture out and start learning even though it seems confusing to me...this video helps!

  2. Your post cracked me up and thanks so much for the video!

  3. You read my mind... This is exactly what I needed! Thanks!

    P.S. I'm a member of the I.B.T.C. too! lol

  4. Great post, something i really want to know more about- I would love to see a specific one light setup for newborns or small children in action.

  5. can you repost this?? It's not coming up and Id love to see it!