Expression beats Perfection!

I may have that cross stitched into a pillow! Of course we have to be technically minded, you have to KNOW the rules to break the rules but at the end of the day, expression beats perfection. That is simply brilliant! Having the perfect composition and a plastic smile can never beat eyes that positively light up with a smile that's radiating joy... That image is priceless because it transcends just a documentation but also offers raw emotion that has now been immortalized.

Today's words of wisdom come from Bambi Cantrell, a photographer we absolutely LOVE at Go{4}Pro.

Note: There is a little black spot in the video. Just let it load and you can skip ahead to 1:13.


  1. Thank you! An important lesson for someone starting out who is so concerned about the technical aspects.

  2. I absolutely loved the rules she had for posing. GREAT tips! And I totally agree with expression. Especially in children! You can't have a good photo without it.

  3. Wow Wow Wow! What a fantastic interview in such a short time...just viewing her photos is such a learning've got the best stuff to pass along to us, thank you!

  4. Awesome stuff for us as always! Loved this! Thanks, Leah :)