The Power of a Hand Written Note.

We are over inundated with information we have no desire to hear. Think farmville updates, obnoxious jokes that bring bad luck if not immediately forwarded to your entire email list, commercials that we see as a break to grab popcorn or check on the kiddos and cold call telemarketing that always ring right during dinner. We are bombarded with information that we didn't ask for and further more don't care to know about and so our brains flush this information out almost as quickly as it attempts to come in.

In contrast we are starved of old fashioned communication that makes us feel good. When is the last time that you received or sent a handwritten letter to someone. Or made a phone call ( and nope, texting does not count!) just to tell a friend that you had a great time with them last week? What if you (or I) received that phone call or letter, how appreciated would that gesture be? I bet it would make your day, I know it would make mine!

Now I would like you to direct these same thoughts toward how you run your business. Are you adding to the bombardment of useless junk or are you acting as the breath of fresh air that will truly leave a meaningful reminder to your clients that you are not only here but that you care as well? And what about two of the most important and yet underused words in any language? Thank You! We teach our children to say it each time they are given a drink of OJ, offered a cookie and allowed to do something special but are we following our own advise? What are you doing to truly insure that your clients (especially your best clients) know how much you appreciate their patronage?

What would happen if every business followed the golden rule and treated each client, vendor and business as they would like to be treated? ... Amazing things!


  1. I have just finished creating my custom Thank-you cards to send out to clients. I am so excited!

  2. This year I've been sending thank yous and follow ups each's been a huge blessing to my business already!
    This reminder serves as confirmation...everyone loves to feel valued! :)

  3. I've been sending out Thank You cards after every session for the past month now and I think my clients really appreciate it. I have noticed that my clients are much more likely to contact me again with these nice little touches.
    I've also taken up to sending my maternity photo clients a Congratulations card when the baby is born, and my wedding clients a Happy Anniversary card. It's a great way to let them know that I do truly care about them and remember these special milestones in their life.