I'm crazy about actions! Photoshop is an essential part of making me look good and actions make that a whole lot easier to accomplish! They make my work flow go so much easier! My absolute favorite actions come from Lolly's Playground! I have everything she offers and I use them all, plus her actions are really reasonably priced! I use them for EVERY session I edit! I really love using my black back drop, as you can see from my original, with out the black back drop action they would never look as good!  The Bonus - Even a beginner like me can use them! 

Something really fun to try as well, are her textures - clients love these they add such a cool (can't do that yourself) look! I have to admit that the textures have saved me when I've really botched a job. This maternity shoot I did has some of my absolute favorite images from my collection and yet when I loaded them onto my computer they were some of my worst yet!
Go for actions and life gets better! 

BTW - For those who are not familiar with Actions. Actions are loaded into you floating bar next to the history in Photoshop. Basically, it's a button. You select the action you want to choose and hit the play button at the bottom of the bar. And voila - the action does the work. Than you have the option to change the opacity and setting to your liking!


  1. I have never used actions yet, can it be used with PSE?? I will check out her website..

  2. YES YOU CAN! She has actions set up specifically for PSE as long as you have PSE 5/6/7.

    Check out her blog to get more info. Also on her blog/not site she has her new B&W Conversion set (ONLY $5). I'm loving it, it has quickly become my fav way to convert to B&W!

  3. Hi! Found your blog via 2peas. Thanks for sharing the info... I look forward to learning more :D