Tamara Lackey - Inspires in 2 minutes or less!

I love learning. No, seriously I LOVE to learn, so when I read a recent blog post talking about successful entrepreneurs and it said that one of the top 5 attributes of a successful entrepreneur is an unquenchable thirst to know more... I was like - oh yes - I am sooooo that successful entrepreneur that they're talking about. I mean he might as well have just typed it out - yes leah, we mean y.o.u. !

I'm constantly reading, studying, observing. Everything around me has opportunities to teach me something. Hmm. Maybe now I'm making it obvious how little I really actually know? The fact is, that's true! There are a thousand before me who know oodles and oodles more then I. They have accomplished what I've only started to dream about and I want to soak up all I can from them!

Tamara Lackey is one of those such photographers, who's oodles and oodles astounds me to the highest degree! She's brilliant. Not only as a photographer but as an entrepreneur, and that my friends is where true genius comes to play. You may be insanely gifted as a photographer and yet the only title you can consistently hold is as starving artist. I have met them, I've seen the starving artists and you know what? I've learned from their experiences as well! But when you find one, and truly there are so many more then just one who truly leaves you saying 'W.O.W - They've got it going on!!' Well it's worth looking into what it is that has made the "on" so dang bright! Tamara Lackey could light up down town in a power outage!

So I was just on Tamara Lackey's blog and saw this video clip and (not even joking) I learned something in the 2.5 minute promo clip and figured you probably would too! Oh if only I could afford all the other minutes! But I just spent $$$$'s for my amazing hubby's first round of boards. 'I love education, I love education, I love education'. Just keep chanting it!

So here is a little video clip and the link if you want to know more!

BTW - Right now I'm reading her new book (see below) and loving it! Totally Recommend it!


  1. i don't want to be rude, but i think it would help you be more successful if you worked on basic spelling and grammar. although your content is generally informative and helpful, i am annoyed at least once per post at your lack of elementary knowledge. for example, your post title should read "inspires in less THAN two minutes." food for thought.

  2. I, personally think the spelling just adds to your fun character! :)
    Correct it if you want..but it doesn't bother me :) I'm just so grateful for all the precious jewels of information you share!

  3. I listened to Tamara Lackey during the "Joy of Marketing" websummit. I really liked it, and still have my notes!

    I, too have noticed a few spelling/grammatical errors. I think that is fine on this blog, but it could hurt when working with clients in a more professional atmosphere. Their first thought when noticing an error might not be "fun and quirky", you know?

  4. Wow! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Any suggestions for a good "one size fits all" sort of lens? PS I've noticed your spelling too, but so what. I'm a terrible speller too! What I usually do is type out my blog post in Word, then copy and paste into my post. Just incase you're bothered by previous comments. Thanks so much for all your hard work, consistency, and all that you share with us!

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  6. Thanks so much for the tip - may have to spend some of my birthday money on this dvd.

  7. Hey Anonymous! I was thinking since you thought it was so important to give out little morsels I would ass some for you. First of all use some tact, a basic elementary knowledge(as you would put it) teaches you that one! If you feel your opinion is so important do it in a professional manner and let the author know via email(which is on the blog) privately! Secondly, this blog is extremely helpful to more THAN just a few people. Opinions like yours are in no way needed! Leah works very hard for her readers and from what she has written late hours too. She puts great information in an easy to locate place for us and if you don't have an appreciation for that don't read or Use it! We don't want it wasted on you. You apparently don't need it way up there on your pedestal. Please, for the benefit of those who actually care, don't leave your extremely rude and unwanted comments in the future. If you feel you are so superior to the information found here that you have to turn to being a critic THEN go somewhere else to get your kicks!! Just food for thought!!

  8. I just bought her book. It was amazing. Between this blog, her book and the encouragement of my good friends, I am feeling more and more ready to Go 4 Pro by the day! Thanks for turning me in the right direction!!!!

    And "anonymous" needs to get a life! There is more to life than spelling. And what a hypocrite he/she didn't use and capitalization!

    Leah - you are awesome!

  9. aw, thanks, Leah - what a wonderful thing to write. thanks for the genuine kindness.

    i love your passion for this profession!! keep up the awesome work educating & helping to elevate the industry - i know i'll be tuning in often :) :) :)

    --Tamara Lackey