Then, than if you care stop reading!

Dear Anonymous!

I'm sorry that I have annoyed you with my unsuccessful attempts at proper grammar and spelling.  And lucky you... The comment did ruffle my feathers so let me give you some food for thought! 

Am I a terrible speller? YES! Do I know it? YES! Are you the first to be annoyed by it? NOT EVEN CLOSE! It drives my hubby crazy and I have dear friends who send me sweet emails helping me out so that I can correct my errors all the time (please keeping sending those - I really appreciate it and always correct the error). I am painfully aware of my misuse of words, please don't think for one minute that I don't feel like a complete idiot each time it's brought to my attention - I do! I know what you are thinking, 'learn the correct context.' Believe me I've tried! Each time I write a then/than, their/there I wonder if I have it right, I think over the rule (they are memorized) and hope I got it right. To my dismay - 80% of the time (and you may feel that number should be higher) I still have it wrong. 

My vocabulary is extensive... Would you like to know why? I learned all of these really elaborate and difficult words in grade school so that I could avoid ever having to use those words that seem so elementary and simple to you, because for whatever reason they just don't want to make sense in my brain. I'd hoped that an exhaustive vocabulary would help me avoid ever needing to use certain words that left me feeling embarrassed and vulnerable. I had abandoned writing that way because I thought that grownups were not as cruel as kids and this blog is just me talking to 1000 of my friends each day. And lets face it I can't spell the big words correctly either. I just know how to use them.

Now as for as my success and this blog. This blog is here for one reason because I enjoy sharing! The only success that comes from this blog is in knowing that people appreciate it. I created it when I started my journey as a photographer. I had no clue how to find what I needed to know. So I searched and each time I found some new little thing (and I mean little) I was blown away and couldn't believe how incredibly amazing that morsel of knowledge was.... My poor hubby would be woken up at 2 am because I just found the coolest (insert some something here) ever! He didn't really get excited the way I wanted him to - although I have no idea why? So I created a blog to pass these cool tips, tricks and anything else I've found or thought up with other photographers. I just knew more people like me existed who would get excited, jump up and down and shriek with excitement like when you're 14 and you call a boy to ask him some methodically thought out question (like, 'do you know what the homework assignment is') and he says, 'no problem, see you tomorrow' at the end.  I would have shrieked, twisted, twirled and flipped to have found a blog like this when I was first trying to make sense of it all. 

I'm sorry that the grammar is atrocious to you. I often write posts in the very early morning hours and sleep depravation does not aid to my recognition of proper grammar context. If I needed to wait to have each thing proofed for a blog that I provide only for the joy of sharing you may never see a post again. 

So let me tell you the honest truth on your "not wanting to be rude". I looked on my phone just as I pulled in the garage and saw that I had a new comment (I always get really excited when I get them!) As soon as I read it my face went bright red with embarrassment. It was like 2nd grade all over again when I would tell the kids in reading circle that I was just going to read it in my head because I'm such a fast silent reader when the honest truth was that I didn't want the kids to make fun of me. I immediately bolted up the stairs and into my office to correct the error. I thought maybe I could erase your comment fast enough and take the loss that maybe only a couple people saw it. Oh. But the comment festered in my head and the reality is, your not the first or the last to notice. And even more so, I'm not in second grade anymore, and the errors probably won't stop. I don't have to cower and feel ashamed like the little girl in me was shouting to do - I can stand up to you and tell you how you made me feel.

A new ping sounded and I dreaded reading the comment, what if someone else was chiming in to agree with Anonymous? I read it and tears started streaming down my face - so THANK YOU so much Carrie you have no idea how much I needed you at that moment, as well as everyone else who has added your 2 cents. 

I am just a girl who loves photography and business and I enjoy sharing my journey with others. It's not here to make money or get me famous or bring me success. I don't claim to know everything or any direction close to it. Go{4}Pro is just me documenting and sharing my journey as I go for pro! And make no mistake - I will and am!


P.P.S I managed to write this entire post with out ever using then/than  or there/their.

For those confused, this is in response to a comment on the last post: "i don't want to be rude, but i think it would help you be more successful if you worked on basic spelling and grammar. although your content is generally informative and helpful, i am annoyed at least once per post at your lack of elementary knowledge. for example, your post title should read "inspires in less THAN two minutes." food for thought. 


  1. Good on you for standing up for yourself. They didn't even have the courage to use their own name when posting a comment like that - unbelievable that people act like that.

    I love your blog, found it a couple of months ago and slowly reading through all the great info you have shared. You are awesome!

  2. Last I checked no one was FORCING anyone to read this blog!! If you don't like it, don't read it!! I love it and I AM A SCHOOL TEACHER!! ;) Half of the time I am too caught up in the INFORMATION you provide to notice any typos. Keep up the great work.

  3. Amen, sister. I think of you 1)whenever I feel down on my work or my business, and I instantly feel better (from the post about your dad and his business), and 2)now for this post. I am really impressed and elated with how you publically slammed the person who publically slammed you. And how well you shared your feelings.

    Now that you have received quite the following, it's sure to come with it's negative aspects, too. Success comes at a price, I suppose!

  4. Oh, and I'm sorry if my previous comment offended. I really wasn't trying to! (Nor am I will any of the comments I add!)

  5. I just want you to know that I love everything you post. Being someone who is right now in the process of starting a business. And I mean RIGHT NOW :), I look to your blog almost daily for tips and ideas on things that can help me out. Thanks Leah!

  6. I agree with Heidi and everyone else! Your blog and tips, tricks and bits of knowledge shared are priceless and I couldn't possibly thank you enough for putting it all out there for the rest of us! Please believe that regardless of grammer or spelling, your message is being received by those of us that need it most - don't even think of stopping just becuase of an ill-mannered individual.
    Peace and continued, happy blogging to you Leah!

  7. Booya! I love it! You go girl!

    Dear Anonymous,
    I'm sure that Leah has her email in the upper right hand corner of this blog so that comments like yours can be shared privately with her rather than rudely making a public example of her on a blog she has created as a service for members of the photographer community. And if you are so very concerned about it, own up to your comment rather THAN hiding behind the title of "Anonymous". Thanks.

    Don't be discourage Leah, keep up the good work. Some people just don't understand that certain things don't click for everyone - myself included in the grammar world. I'm sure that the comment was well intended, it's so hard to sense a persons voice in their blog comment sometimes.

    Thanks for all that you do. Don't be embarrassed! Keep your chin up! You are such an asset to me in my sometimes lonely journey in pursuing my dream of becoming a pro-photographer. Love and Hugs your way!


    PS Another glass of chocolate milk is being raised in your direction ;)
    Thanks again sensei

  8. What I don't understand is how come anonymous can't be more grateful for what Leah has given us and all that she does for her readers. Are we really so ungrateful that we have to leave anonymous tactless comments instead of emailing her your helpful thoughts in a more professional way? Really people! Einstein had speech difficulties but he was still the top student in his school. Do you think that made him any less of a genius? Just because Leah may have typo's does not make her less successful. This not her pro blog or her website this is supposed to be fun, helpful, and like she's talking to her friends. Please anonymous be more respectful and more professional.

  9. You go girl!
    Seriously, if somebody gets hung up on a little bit of grammer instead of focusing on the awesome content you provide then you're better off not having that reader.
    I *love* your blog and have learned so much in the little time that I have started following it. Thanks for sharing your love for photography!

  10. Funny how those comments are always left by "Anonymous".

    You are a photographer not a school teacher...if it were the other way around I wouldn't be coming here.

    I'm so grateful for what you are doing for us just starting out. I so scared and excited and ignorant and hungry for knowledge...your place is the place for me.

    Thanks for all your hard work...I know its not the only thing you have going on in life. :)

  11. I just found your blog and I love it! My grammer sucks! But I am trying to make it as a professional Photograpger not an English Professor! Keep up the good work!

  12. I found your blog recently, and I'm lovin' it! I am reading for content and entertainment, and certainly appreciate the work you put into this blog. We're all human, so please don't feel bad if you mistype or misuse something now and then. Thanks for all you do!!!

  13. Who cares about a few typos or spelling errors? This it not a grammar blog! Good heavens! The information you provide is so helpful - thank you for sharing what you're learning!

  14. I don't know you Leah, but I do enjoy your posts. At least, it makes me feel as if I know you just a bit:) You are always thoughtful and sincere. You pass information on through your blog free of charge. How generous can one be???
    Omgosh! ... anonymous thoroughly ticked me off!!! How dare someone hide and belittle you!!! Keep your chin up, honey, the egg is on THEIR face, not yours;)

  15. I just found your blog last week and LOVE it!! Thank you for all the great information and for putting yourself out there!!

    From, a horrible speller,
    Gaylene! :)

  16. Leah
    I love your blog for the information you share! It is a wealth of treasure that cannot be found anywhere else! Focusing on typos is for another blogspot...your content is the focus here. Many thanks for all you do and are the best! Paula

  17. Yeah another who is like spelling and grammer are not the best either

  18. Good for you, taking a stand. It is a blessing to anyone who enjoys this blog (such as myself) and the important parts are PERFECT! Don't let some anal-retentive critic get ya down cause you know you're awesome and I know it. xo

  19. Wow . . I come to this blog for photography info and inspiration . . . NOT GRAMMAR!!!
    Geez, you are just like us, tired women who don't have enough time in the day to be PERFECT. Perfect??!! Ha, I love you cause you feel like a friend and friends don't give a HOOT about grammar, we just love each other and find something good to share in life!

    If I want perfect grammar I will go to "anonymous's" blog! LOL! Hey, I even had to check the other posts just to see how to spell "anonymous"! :)
    I sooo enjoy your blog . . . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We love ya!!

  20. Oooh I just thought of something else . . . I just switched to Mozilla Firefox for my web browser (read about it on a blog! :) ) instead of IE.
    It is faster for me and I love it, and one handy thing is that it has an automatic spell-checker thing built right in! I suck at spelling and when I type anywhere it will automatically let me know if I miss-spell something (like just now when I miss-spelled "miss-spell"!). It will underline the word in red and I can then left click on the word and it will give me the correct spellings of similar words. Its great for me! Of course I don't know about "proper grammar" but hey, it helps with my terrible spelling! :)

  21. Some people just have some nerve. I'm just so busy trying to absorb all your awesome information you share I do not even notice anything like that! I love this blog, it makes me feel like someday I can be a successful photographer. =)

  22. awwwww... too bad someone was being insensitive. I appreciate your blog and again, as all of the others have said i read for the info and i don't even notice the grammar/spelling.


  23. I just found you. I hope that rude nitwit pauses to think that hurting someone's feelings over spelling and grammar is a much bigger issue than using the wrong context of a word.

    Just keep on being yourself, the tiny errors here and there are just part of your easy natural charm. You seem far more approachable than some ninny worried about how perfect she must appear at all times.

  24. Thats awesome. I just found your blog today (very cute by the way) and just had to comment.

    I love how people love to give their 2 cents in a rude way and hide behind anonymous.

    they are just jealous.

    I have had my share of anonymous rude comments and it makes me so mad I just want to delete my blog sometimes.

    The sad part is that they don't HAVE to read our blogs and it's not like they are paying to read them. They are free. you get what you get. spelling errors and all. (and I'm with you, I suck at spelling, what can you do huh?)

    Mean people suck.

    Love your blog. I'll be following you.

  25. Leah!!! I am dying for you! I'm so sorry someone would post that. We've talked about these things, but I hope my unsolicited advice never offended you! You know I love your hard work on this blog and I can overlook the errors with ease! Like you said, some people really don't think about the person behind the screen, I'm so glad I know the person!!!

  26. Rebecca! Oh my goodness - no you never offended me!! I am so, so, so grateful to people who are willing to reach out and help me be better! I know there is plenty of room for improvement so if someone's willing to show the way, I'm willing and ready to soak it up! I don't however have any tolerance for people who disparage and humiliate others, may that be against me or any other human being. Are any of us nor aware of our own faults? We are always our worst critic, know one needs other's to maliciously drive the point home!

    And to everyone who has left me such incredible encouragement. You have no idea what you have done for me. That comment set me back and left me feeling small, but after receiving your support and encouragement - I feel 10 ft tall! THANK YOU!!

  27. First of all, I came across your blog from a very helpful photog friend of mine and I am VERY thankful! You are very knowledgeable & are kind enough to share, sometimes a rarity in photograhy!
    Second of all, I have certain in laws that are super picky about spelling and grammar and it drives me bonkers!! Worst of all, they are more picky about it on FB, blogs and such. Ugh, all I can say is if you don't like the way I say/type things, then don't read it!

    Please don't let other people like that get to you, you are doing something great!
    Keep up the good work and THANK YOU so much for sharing your info!!

  28. Hi there
    just came across your blog today - and cannot tear myself away. You are amazing and inspiring, and one day I hope to be able to contribute and share my journey of learning and experiences so that others may benefit. It can be so lonely and intimidating out there, and to have others that are willing to share and help along the way is wonderful. Not only are we learning technical skills about lighting and aperture, but our inner courage and confidence is also learning how to be stronger/better/brighter.
    To have responded so eloquently and in such a heartfelt manner to such a flippant, snotty comment takes a lot of courage.
    I follow another blogger here in Australia (mammamia . com . au), and at the end of her posts this is what she has:

    "Comment Rules: Imagine this is a dinner party. Differences of opinion are welcome but keep it respectful or the host will show you the door. If you're rude or abusive, your comment will be deleted (so will comments responding to other rude comments because they won’t make sense - so save your breath). And if you’re offensive, you’ll be banned. Remember what Fonzie was like? Cool. That's how we're going to be - cool. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation..."

    Only allow nice people at your delightful dinner party!
    thanks for your wonderful site

  29. Hello, So I came across your blog by reading Amy Wenzel. I have been sitting here in shock and excited at all this amazing information you share freely with everyone. You are one kind person and I am enjoying your sense of humor. I am very sorry someone was so tactless and ungrateful. I don't want to talk bad about anyone but wanted to mostly tell you, YOU ROCK!!!! Thank you so much for all these posts, it will come back to you I know. :D Have a great weekend!!!

  30. I discovered your blog today around 10am... here it is 1am and I am still reading. (I've taken a few breaks), but have spent most of my day reading this amazing blog! I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing everything that you do! I still have alot to learn and the info you post on here is everything I am interested in and more!

  31. Oh my I have been holding back from blubbering all over with mushy "I want to give you a big hug" type comments because I find you so down to earth, open and wonderful.

    Reading this I cringe because I imagine how that felt getting that comment. I think when your blog becomes well read it is bound to attract a few snarky commenters.
    It would have been so much nicer if that commenter had emailed you instead, with a bit of a softer approach if it is really something they felt necessary to point out.

  32. You go! Anonymous should go jump off a bridge! The info you're sharing is so helpful - I'm just glad I found you (as a new photog in my first year) through Amy Wenzel's blog.

  33. Thank you so much Leah for sharing your realness. This is my first time reading your blog and I find myself connecting with your words and heart so deeply. My dreams are big too and I hope to one day touch as many lives as you have. I do not know you but feel so proud of you for standing up for yourself and for being authentic to you... thank you!

  34. I just discovered you and think you are amazing. I am jumping up and down in my computer chair right now as I am reading your incredible blog and thanking my lucky stars for having found you. Grammar/spelling/punctuation/etc. all mean diddly squat. What means something is the goodness and warmth and value in what you are putting out in this world. I admire your courage and your openness to all of us. Thanks buckets from a new fan (and friend!)