The Photographer's Phone Consult

I'm really excited to start offering the phone consult! This is an opportunity for me to share exactly how I've grown my business and discuss ideas and strategies to help you grow yours! These phone consults are available to help you develop a plan for your business, answer questions you might have and even pose questions to you to help you start thinking in new directions! If you're wanting to take your photography business to the next level, I'd love to help you do it! 

I just had some new work-time windows open (trading  baby-sitting with a friend) so I'll be able to have more flexible time slots for those of you in other time zones! :) 
If you have questions or want to schedule your consult just EMAIL ME


  1. This is so exciting! I want to ask you a million questions.
    How do I get my name out?
    How to make my sessions run smoother?
    Teach me how to create a marketing plan!
    The list goes on and on... I'll be emailing you (immediately!) ;)

    Thank you so much for offering yourself on an even more personal level! I can't wait to talk shop!

  2. This is SOOOOO COOL! I can't wait!

  3. I'm scheduling mine ASAP! I've followed your blog forever and now it will just help me really put all the info together. With your amazing talent fir organizing it all in one place I can't go wrong;)

  4. Leah, I know I already thanked you a million times over while ending our phone consult, but I just had to come back on here and express my gratitude one more time! I can't tell you just how helpful it was to actually TALK through all the millions of questions I had about getting my brand new business really moving! I'm so inspired and so excited to start implementing all the marketing plans we discussed! I really appreciate how clear and precise your were in explaining things to me, WHILE amazingly not making me feel like the true dummy I am when it comes to dealing with business and marketing. :)
    I'm pumped and ready to go make some seriously exciting changes! Thank you, thank you!!!

  5. Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the helpful information you shared with me!!! I am surprised at all the sutff we got to talk about in the short amount of time! I can't wait to get these ideas in motion and try out some new fun things. Thank you, thank you,thank you!!!

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  7. Hey Leah FANS....For anyone wanting to take their photography to a professional level it is a hands down perfect invesmtent to spend minimum 1 hour (I encourage even 2 hours) with Leah. I got more from our consult than I have in hours and hours of online courses and tutorials.

    During our consult I was able to learn the tricks that will set apart my photography business from the rest, learn how to streamline my workflow, and maximize my editing in a way that will WOW my clientelle. I was able to get professional insight to which actions were the best for my editing and what steps to take first. I learned how to pace my spending/budget on the things that would really benefit my business and time management. This was really just the tip of the ice berg, but as you can see I benefited 100 fold. Thanks Leah for opening your craft to me in away that has opened a world of excitement, dreams, and now helped me turn them into my reality. Everything I have created was inspired by Leah Remillet.... go have a peek at what could be yours too @

  8. Goodness, I would love to do this! It's not in my budget right now, but I'll have to put it on my wishlist.

  9. Thank you Leah! Spending the time and money to consult with you was SO worth it! I really appreciate your openness and willingness to answer my questions and to ease my fears and concerns about my business. Plus, I truly feel like I have a friend in the biz now. Not only are you knowledgeable and helpful but you are a sweetheart to boot! Thanks again Leah and I would recommend this to ANYONE who is unsure of what direction to take as they build their photography business.