Show Off Your Marketing Makeover - Julie Rollins

Real quick: If you have emailed me and it's been a week or longer and you've not heard back... First I am so so sorry, second will you please email me again? I want to get back to you! In the past several weeks my email  box has been filling faster then I can even respond. I tell myself I'm going to answer someone when I can really look into it or when I get back to my desk, but suddenly that email is now sitting below dozens more. Not complaining!! Just needing to admit that I don't quite have the hang of this yet, but I will! Also, this week I got my new Pro Photo Blog Up and customized, I'll write a full report on that later. If you want to see it go HERE (and leave some love behind please!).

And now for the fun stuff! I love when there is an opportunity to feature a Go{4}Pro reader! Julie was one of the first handful to purchase the Paysen Everything Marketing Kit and oh did she make it her own!! I have to tell you, I was positively tickled pink when I saw how she customized the kit to fit her branding and style. This is what it's ALL about! Purchasing the Ultimate Marketing Kit's is a step toward branding and selling your business, but it's only the first step. You have to do something with the kit after! Julie Rollins truly made the most of the Ultimate Marketing Kit and there is no doubt that her clients are beyond excited that they hired her when they get her welcome kit in the mail... Just wait, you'll see why in a minute! 

Get ready to be inspired!!

Let's start with Julie's Print Packaging, shall we?

And now let's move on to what gets my heart a fluttering!! Recognize the mailing label? How about the care cards. I'm not even kidding, I'm all bouncy in my chair because it's so great to see (and show off ;) the fruits of my extensive labor!!!

Love the referral envelop packet!!

This one just makes me over the top happy! The pen and the sticky note were a very last minute add on, I thought, hey I want my clients to think of me every time they post themselves a reminder... Well Julie's got that go'n on too now!

And to think... This came from the Ultimate Marketing Kit - Paysen... 

Julie's Supply List:

Print Packaging:
Julie's bags, tissue, ribbon, raffia, large Kraft boxes and Kraft pillow boxes are all from Gift Box Corp of America.
The brown photo boxes are from DNL Photo.
The  rounded hangtags are from
Inside the chocolate boxes you will find clear bags with backing boards, which are from Clear Bags. Also included in the boxes are 5×5 cards with portrait care and copyright information, templates from the Ultimate Photog Marketing Kit-Paysen.
Session Info Mailer:
The Kraft colored presentation folder is from Paper Presentation.
Chocolate Envelope for the referral cards in it has a 5×5 card detailing the program. The envelope is fromPaper Source.
Also included in the Welcome Packet are the awesome pen and a sticky note pad. These two items along with my 4×8 rack card are printed by Vista Print. Template created from 
The last and most important supply of all: 
The Ultimate Marketing Kit from right here at
Have a great weekend, and I hope you are feeling extra inspired to get your marketing and branding complete! If you have a minute, stop by and give Julie Rollins Photography some blog love. 


  1. Oh My Goodness....I'm envious....inspired....and motivated...I want this...all of it!

  2. wow!!! this looks so awesome!

  3. Thank you so much for the feature!!! I love the marketing kit (obviously) and it was a life saver for me!!!! Your kit was the guide that led me in the right direction to getting all of my marketing done, I can't thank you enough!!!! :o)

  4. Wow. That looks amazing! I think I might have to look into this kit!

  5. Wow... I am blown away. I am in need of a marketing kit. Did she do everything on her own? Does the kit allowing you to cutsomize it yourself? WOW I am speechless for your marketing kit to be turned into her Branding. I will be looking into this! :)

  6. That is so amazing!! Great job!

  7. This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I love everything about it!!! Julie did do an incredible job customizing it to perfectly fit her style!

  8. One question... As far as the care cards and other info sheets, is there wording already on them or do we have to provide that ourselves?

  9. This is absolutely stunning! Great job & I love it!!!! Gorgeous!

  10. Celesa-
    The wording for Print Care, Copy Right, Contract, Model Release, Referal info is all included. Wording that is not included is anything specific to your biz. like session details, product info and actual dollar amount for pricing.

    I've done several custom kits lately for awesome gals... I'll try to get some up to show you all!

  11. I forgot to answeryour other question. Each item in the kit is a fully layered psd file so that it's super easy to customize. You drop in your paper choice, change the coloring, add your logo and some text and you're customized to you.

    If you don't feel like you want or know how to d it all, I also fully customize (including logo design if needed).
    Click on the 4-Sale Everything Marketing Kit label and scroll down and you will see the info about custom kits.

  12. This is GREAT!!! It looks so good!

  13. Wow, Julie, great job! You really made it your own. Everything looks great!!!

  14. Hi, Leah. I stumbled over to your site from a link on Amy Wenzel's blog. I totally love your site!!!! I think I've been sitting here for the past three hours devouring everything on your site. Honestly, it is a blessing I didn't see coming. I've spent the last week trying to figure out how I'm going to begin marketing myself. I'm still in the portfolio building phase and have been shooting for people without any marketing info, but I've got several shoots coming up in the next weeks and feel like I need to start presenting myself in a more polished manner. I had on my to-do list, to start working on marketing material but have been totally overwhelmed with how to get started. Oh, MY GOODNESS!!!...Your kit is EXACTLY what I need!!!! I need to go back over and thank Amy for posting. I'm taking her workshop in a few short weeks and will thank her there, also. Anyway, you Rock!!!!! And by the way, Julie Rollins, if you're watching the comments, your kit is AWESOME!!!!!

  15. Thank you so much Leah. I love them I will take a closer look at both of them soon. I am wanting to get a marketing kit because I was trying to create certain things on my own and it is getting a little time consuming. Thank you so much. :)